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Central Rx Pharmacy does compounding to the core. With substantially long term experience in the industry, we can guarantee you that our compounding technicians are the finest there is. Examined for their credentials, dexterity in the use of updated technologies, and ability to take note of the specific instructions, our services are never behind contemporaries.
Compounding is offered in large pharmacies. This service involves customizing the creation of medications to meet the special requirements of clients. It may be indicated for:

  • Clients who are allergic to certain drug components. These allergens will have to be removed.
  • Clients who cannot take medications in a certain route (e.g. oral). Pharmacists will have to make variations for other routes (e.g. parental).
  • Certain drugs that are no longer commercially available. They will have to be remade.
  • Pediatric patients who would opt to have their medicines flavored. Flavorings can be added.
  • There is a necessity for changing the texture of the drug.

This process requires sterility and close attention to sanitation to be successful. For this reason, Central Rx Pharmacy is stringent in upholding standards to ensure high quality outcome.
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